I have been a tour leader in Milan since 2017.

I was born and raised in this city. I’ve always worked for event agencies, in the midst of fashion and people.
But I was missing something.

I started this adventure by chance walking my guests around Milano doing foodtours, now it is a fundamental part of my life Thanks to this job I have learned to love even more my city.​

Milano is the city of fashion, design, gourmet cuisine. The city that will host the next Olympics in 2026!

It seems that a crazy energy surrounds us!​

I’ve always been a lover of nightlife. I mainly deal with food tours, shopping tours and aperitivo tours. Mom was a fashion designer, my brother is a very good cook .. And I am a great traveler. Traveling makes you think.. and it makes you realize how easy it is to make your experience unique when someone gives you the right advice.

There is no better option than discovering Milano through the eyes of a local..

This is why I’m here, waiting for you!! 😊