Extraordinary Experiences with Keit: Food Tour, Shopping Tour, Happy Hour Tour, and Cultural Walking!

If you’re looking for a unique way to discover the city of Milan, then get ready to embark on unforgettable experiences with me! As a native Italian speaker with a perfect command of the English language, and possessing an in-depth knowledge of local culture and a passion for travel, I will lead you on extraordinary adventures through a variety of engaging tours. From culinary delights to the most exclusive shopping destinations, from sunset rendezvous to enriching cultural experiences, I am ready to guide you on a journey of discovery and fun.

Food Tour with Keit: Taste Authentic Flavors

A culinary journey is one of the best ways to get to know a culture. You’ll explore local markets, hidden trattorias, and traditional delicacies. You’ll savor authentic dishes prepared with fresh and local ingredients, uncovering the story behind every bite. From a traditional Italian trattoria to a lively enoteca, I will take you on a gastronomic adventure that will make you fall in love with the flavors of Milan.

Shopping Tour: Discover Milan’s Exclusive Gems!

Whether you’re a shopping enthusiast or simply love discovering unique treasures, the shopping tour is perfect for you. I will guide you through design boutiques, artisan ateliers, and trendy flea markets. You’ll learn about local trends, uncover unique pieces to take home, and hear fascinating stories behind each object. With my experience, you can curate an all-Italian wardrobe or a collection of souvenirs that authentically represent Milanese culture.

Let’s Enjoy Happy Hour Together! Sunset Smiles.

There’s nothing better than relaxing during happy hour after a day of exploration. You’ll discover the trendiest spots and bars serving the most creative cocktails. Sipping artisanal drinks while admiring the sunset over the city, you’ll immerse yourself in the vibrant local atmosphere. Together, I’ll also reveal stories and insights about nightlife and the aperitivo traditions.

Cultural Walking: Uncover History and Art.

For those who love to dive in a city’s culture and history, the Cultural Walking Tour is the perfect choice. You’ll stroll through historic streets, admire iconic monuments, and uncover hidden secrets around every corner. You’ll see the city of Milan like never before! I’ll share captivating tales of local history, revealing details that make each place unique. This tour is a journey through time that will make you feel like a part of history itself.

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Whether you’re interested in food, shopping, nightlife, or culture, you’ll find a tour that meets your expectations and interests. Get ready to experience exciting and enriching adventures that will help you discover the best of Milan.


Milan Food Tour

2 hr 30 min
from 110 € p.p.

Happy Hour Tour Milan

2 hr
from 95€ p.p.

Shopping Tour Milan

3 hr
from 100€ p.p.

Cultural Walking Milan

2 hr 30 min
from 130€ p.p.