Happy Hour Tour Milan

2 hr

from 95 € p.p.

Colonne di San Lorenzo

Happy Hour Tour Milan –  Service  Description.

The tour is going take place in the Naviglio area.

It starts from Colonne di San Lorenzo which were built in the 3rd century!

3 drinks together with 3 snacks.

  • Prosecco
  • Aperol Spritz
  • Negroni
Of course we can change the drinks if you have other tastes:)

Happy Hour Tour Milan: Meeting point: Colonne di San Lorenzo.

We’ll walk in the unconventional shopping district of the city, surrounded by amazing real made in Italy shops that you can enjoy together with the drinks!

The aperitivo is a cultural moment for us, where you can enjoy the sunset and chill with your friends.
On the Navigli, the aperitivo becomes even more magic.

Do you want to try the real Italian aperitif in one of the most iconic places in Milan? Then this is the tour for you. This tour is designed for anyone who wants to enjoy a fabulous aperitif, obviously accompanied by some snacks as pur formula wants. Happy Hour Tour Milan is tailored made on you.

A customized tour only for you, enjoy!

A customized tour that takes you to the heart of Navigli, a typical Milanese area known for its special aperitifs. Share the Milanese sunset while enjoying your fantastic aperitif.  Navigli is a very well-known area, enjoyed by everybody: tourists but also by many locals. The “Colonne”, so called by the the local, have always been a meeting place for young Milanese people.
A symbolic place of the city of Milan, between art and beautiful venues… 10 minutes away from the cathedral. From the Colonne di San Lorenzo we will move towards the Navigli. Along this route you will be able to enjoy the old Milan, the one that tourists don’t know about.

Are you curious to know which drinks you will try in the Happy Hour Tour Milan?

Here they are: Prosecco Aperol Spritz Negroni You can change the drinks as you like, but remember that these are the typical drinks for a perfect Italian happy hour. If you wish, as the Milanese tradition wants, you can try the wrong version of the Negroni. In fact, the Negroni Sbagliato was born in Milan and for decades it represented what we call “la Milano da bere”, a 100% Milanese.