The real tradition of the Italian Gelato!

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24th of March – is the international Gelato Day… Do you really think you know everything about this amazing food?

👆One of the biggest challenges during tours seems to be GELATO, but apparently I always win:)

Although in Italy there are ice cream shops on every corner of the street, I decided to let my guests taste one of the best gelato I have ever eat.

🤩Or at least – the one that made me want to eat it again!

I chose to walk you to the place that taught me how to eat ice cream and to recognize when it’s really good.

📚But let’s start from the basics ..

👆First of all, gelato and ice cream are 2 completely different products with 2 different processes, although the literal translation between English and Italian brings us to a single word: ice-cream

Ice cream is when the amount of air required for freezing inside the product is very high (as for example in industrial ice creams)

👉In fact, Gelato starts as a liquid material: multiple kind of liquid products are mixed which, thanks to cold and air, become solid.

Each ice cream therefore needs air as one of its main components.

But what quantities are we talking about then?

👉In some industrial products the amount of air can be almost 100% – it manages to make the ice cream much more voluminous and full-bodied:

you know those beautiful colored display cases of pretty mountains of ice cream that sparkle when the sun’s ray bounces off the glass?

Have you ever wondered how that ice cream could be preserved “so well”?

⏳The presence of chemical additives helps the product to last longer, thus being able to count on “stock availability”

👆At Oggi, however, the quality of the products is ensured and the freezing times are calculated with a daily sales perspective.

Within today’s recipe, out of 100 grams of ice cream, we can calculate even less than 20% of the air inside.🌬

Oggi is a whipped cream producer (born and raised on the spot) using only fruit from Italian and seasonal products that guarantee high quality due to the lack of chemical additives within the cultivation process. 🍑

And the peculiarity is that, using “fruit of the day”, the flavor of the ice cream adapts to the fruit –

For flavors that include dried fruit – the difference is the roasting that keeps the taste at 100%

⁉️Are you wondering where the gain lies when thinking about the effort that goes into preparing a truly artisan ice cream?

👌In doing it well, knowing how to perfectly balance the ingredients, avoiding waste and having an irresistible taste!

👆How can you tell if an ice cream is really good?

👀Meanwhile, begin to observe how the ice cream is stored: the counter with wells guarantees you less contact with the outside air, less bacterial and solar pollution and continuous and constant refrigeration 👉the top and bottom of the ice cream will be kept the same

In the meantime… you can come to Milan to try the incredible gelato by Oggi during one of my tours…..😍

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